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Live Stream Agenda

Boosting Carnival

Gift Box Festivity

MVB Projects Display

Treasure Hunting

Event 1: BSC Live Stream Agenda

Users can enter the MVB Pavilion and participate in irregularly scheduled lucky draws during livestreams. The host will airdrop rewards to winners. (All users who watch the livestream are eligible to participate.)

(Jan.7 - Jan.11)

Time (UTC)TopicRewardAction
13:00 PM, Jan.7BSC Annual Speech (incl Raffle)$6500Go now
12:00 PM - 13:00 PM, Jan.8Advanced DeFi: Rethinking Liquidity & Capital Efficiency$2000Go now
13:30 PM - 14:30 PM, Jan.8From TradFi to Sophisticated DeFi$2000Go now
12:00 PM - 13:00 PM, Jan.9Building Blocks in the Metaverse$2000Go now
13:30 PM - 14:30 PM, Jan.9Sustainable GameFi: To Play vs To Earn?$2000Go now
13:30 PM - 14:30 PM, Jan.10Cross the Chasm: Speedup Web2 to Web3$2000Go now
13:00 PM - 13:30 PM, Jan.11Scalable Blockchains: L1, L2 or Multi-chains$2000Go now

Event 2: Boosting Carnival for Favorite Project

We launched Boosting Carnival giveway for this campaign, which includes the following activities, boost projects to get rewards, collect treasure boxes ejected by project booths, participants who boost the final top 5 projects will get rewards. Users can participate in these events and get rewards in the pavilion.

(Jan.7 - Jan.12)


Collect Boxes

Ranking List

1. Enter MVB Pavilion.

2. Find the booth with a special "boost" badge, click the "boost" button.

Enter MVB Pavilion

Go to Ranking List

Event 3: Xmas & New Year Gift Box Festivity

To show our appreciation, we arranged Xmas and New Year Gift Box with outstanding sponsors! All whitelist users can get a present from Santa in the MVB Pavilion.

(Jan.6 - Jan.12)

How to collect your present?

To win a place on Gift Box Whitelist.

Enter MVB Pavilion and click on Santa.

Confirm collecting and open your present.

Enter MVB Pavilion

Event 4: MVB Projects Display

Users can go to the second floor of MVB Pavilion to check out projects included in the Hall of Fame and learn about previous MVB projects. They performed excellently in the past and have both high investment value and high playability.

Hall of Fame

Quarterly Star

Monthly Star

1. Go to the second floor of MVB Pavilion.

2. Check out Hall of Fame.

Enter MVB Pavilion

Event 5: Treasure Hunting

Users can enter the MVB Pavilion to join Treasure Hunting at specific time periods. SecondLive will airdrop 210,000 BEAN in total for users to collect.

(Jan.8 - Jan.14)

How to participate?

1. Enter the pavilion during the specific time periods.

2. Find gold coins appearing at random, get close & collect.

Enter MVB Pavilion