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Meta Club 168

Event Matters a Lot

Concert, expo, fashion show, artwork exhibition…Earn rewards from various events and witness web3’s growth.

BovineVerse AMA

30/08/2022, Metaverse gaming platform BovineVerse shared their recent updates.

SecondLive Community Meetup

24/02/2022, SecondLive team held audio AMA on OG’s island villa to share annual plan.

Hip-hop Artist Quavo Metaverse Gig

15/04/2022, American rap star Quavo brought his first music metaverse in BNB Chain.

BNB Chain Xmas & New Year Celebration

07/01/2022, BNB Chain made new year kickoff speech in SecondLive festival hall.

NFT Marketplace is a Must Visit

Buy, sell NFTs and find surprises here to enrich your Metaverse life.


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World Cup 2022 NFT

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World Cup 2022 NFT

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World Cup 2022 NFT

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Creativity is Wealth

Enjoy the happiness of turning virtual designs into real money.

Space Editing Tool

To build like a real architect

Avatar Editing Tool

To create like a fashion designer

Space Decoration Tool

To exhibit stunning NFTs like a curator